Would I?

Would I Be Called A Christian

Would I be called a Christian if everybody knew
My secret thoughts and feelings and everything I do?
Oh, could they seek the likeness of Christ in me each day?
Oh, could they hear Him speaking in every word I say?

Would I be called a Christian if everyone could know
That I am found in places where Jesus would not go?
Oh, could they hear His echo in every song I sing?
In eating, drinking, dressing, could they see Christ, my King?

Would I be called a Christian if judged by what I read,
by all my recreations and every thought and deed?
Could I be counted Christ-like as I now work and pray,
Unselfish, kind, forgiving to others every day?

-Mrs. J. F. Moser

Would I?

Would You?

  Let us pray for each other everyday and seek to become like Him, our Elder Brother, Jesus The Christ.

Prayer:  Don't leave your bed without it.

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