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Asia: Live multilingual broadcasts  from transmitter 4 on KSDA-Guam 

Studio Link
0000-0100 Mandarin Summer Breezes Chinese VOH
0100-0200 Mandarin Life & Harmony Chinese VOH
0200-0230 Bangla Voice of Hope  
0230-0300 Tagalog Voice of Prophecy  
0300-0400 Vietnamese Peace & Happiness P&H Radio
0400-0430 Punjabi Voice of Hope  
0430-0500 Japanese Voice of Prophecy Japanese VOP
0500-0600 Korean Voice of Prophecy Korea VOP
0600-0630 Urdu Voice of Hope  
0630-0700 Khmer Voice of Love Cambodia VOL
0700-0730 Tamil Voice of Hope  
0730-0800 Malayalam Voice of Hope  
0800-0830 Chin Voice of Hope  
0830-0900 Karen Voice of Hope  
0900-0930 Indonesian Voice of Hope  
0930-0955 Javanese Voice of Hope  
1000-1030 Mandarin The True Life Chinese VOH
1030-1100 Mandarin The Everlasting Truth Chinese VOH
1100-1200 Mandarin Life & Harmony Chinese VOH
1200-1300 Mandarin Summer Breezes Chinese VOH
1300-1400 Mandarin Passion for Life Chinese VOH
1400-1500 Mandarin LTG Chinese VOH
1500-1530 Punjabi Voice of Hope  
1530-1600 Hindi Voice of Hope  
1600-1630 English Language Service (A) English
1630-1700 English Language Service (B) English
1700-1730 Tagalog (see note) Voice of Prophesy  
1730-1800 English Language Service English
1800-1830 Burmese Youth Program  
1830-1900 Burmese Sermon  
1900-1930 Hindi Voice of Hope  
1930-1955 Telugu Voice of Hope  
2000-2100 Korean Voice of Prophesy Korea VOH
2100-2200 Mandarin LTG Chinese VOH
2200-2300 Mandarin Passion for Life Chinese VOH
2300-2330 Mandarin The True Life Chinese VOH
2330-2400 Mandarin The Everlasting Truth Chinese VOH



KSDA Guam.








You are listening to a live shortwave broadcast from transmitter #4



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Note: For 1700 Elonggo plays instead on Tuesday & Wednesday UTC

Africa: Music and programmes from AWR's African Short-wave Service. Africa Channel 1. Africa  Channel 02.    Testing -- not yet in full operation.
Europe: Live multilingual broadcasts  in English, Rumanian, Italian, French, Czech, German etc.  European Satellite Network  
Pan America Spanish Network: Escucha in Espanol. Spanish Satellite Network Escucha in Espanol

Spanish Voice of Hope            Chinese Voice of Hope

          Broadcast on Demand (FREE) Programs - English Weekday Programs: Click to listen in Windows Media Player.  
Day Part 1 Part 2
 Sunday Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 Wavescan - &           Adventist World Radio's global DX program for radio hobbyists. (Archives Available) LifeQuest Magazine -- interviews, features,   comment from Dwight Lehnhoff and Bob Mix. 
 Monday  Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 Around the World with AWR: World Reports from our international Correspondents, Listener Mail Bag, and Travelogue -- experiences of and explorations by our world-wide team.  

 Voice of Prophecy 1 & Between the Lines 1. Both these programmes are a 5 part daily series.

Tuesday  Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 AWR on Health including: Health News Update. Our World with Ecology Expert Dr Bruce Davidson. Focus on Family and Health. 

 Voice of Prophecy 2 & Between the Lines 2

Wednesday Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 Avatar ~ A refreshing look at God through Contemporary Christian Music.  Hosted by Kelley Wilson .  

 Voice of Prophecy 3 & Between the Lines 3

Thursday  Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 Worth-While-Web with Rachel Clark, Your Bible Questions Answered with Victor Hulbertplus Features and Reflection.  

 Voice of Prophecy 4 & Between the Lines 4

Friday Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 Friday Focus takes a look at stories of hope around the world and around the corner. Then in our Bible Study (Probe), our round table discussion dig's in to some of the deeper issues of Scripture.

 Voice of Prophecy 5 & Between the Lines 5

Saturday  Listen pt 1 Listen pt 2 Network 7 News - &   AWR's Flagship Magazine program with News, features and comment on current religious issues around the world. (Archives available.)  Your Story Hour.  Stories for all ages.

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