Our Spiritual Foundation

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is God's love-letter of information, instruction and guidance for all inhabitants of planet Earth. It contains the record of Jesus's great love for every sinful human being.  The story of His life, ministry, sacrifice and return to heaven.  The promise of His return, in person, to take back to heaven with Him those who want and choose now in this life to be there.
Jesus, our Creator, Redeemer and Re-Creator, the One who is " ...the same yesterday, today and forever, "is the only source of our faith, our beliefs, our hope, and our way of living.
We accept the happy privilege of introducing Jesus, our Friend, to all whom we meet.

 Because we would like you to know Him as your Friend, too!

    Please, say YES TO JESUS!

DON'T FORGET:  Jesus love You and don't forget what He can do!

Don't believe us?  He died to pay the debt you owe.  If that's not love...

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