The Miracle Of:

The Manna



Ex. 16:14-35

       When the dew evaporated, there was something thin and flaky on the surface of the desert.  It was as delicate as frost.  When the Israelites saw it, they didn’t know what it was and asked each other, “What is it?”

            Moses said to them, “This is the food that the LORD has given you to eat.  The LORD has commanded that each of you is to gather as much of it as he needs, two quarts for each member of his household.”

            The Israelites did this, some gathering more, others less.  When they measured it, those who gathered much did not have too much, and those who gathered less did not have too little.  Each had gathered must what he needed.  Moses said to them, “No one is to keep any of it for tomorrow.”  But some of them did it.  

             The next morning it was full of worms and smelled rotten, and Moses was angry with them.  Every morning each one gathered as much as he needed; and when the sun grew hot, what was left on the ground melted.

            On the sixth day they gathered twice as much food, four quarts for each person.  All the leaders of the community came and told Moses about it, and he said to them, “The LORD has commanded that tomorrow is a holy day of rest, dedicated to him.  Bake today what you want to bake and boil what you want to boil.  Whatever is left should be put aside and kept for tomorrow.”  

           As Moses had commanded, they kept what was left until the next day; it did not spoil or get worms in it.  Moses said, “Eat this today, because today is the Sabbath, a day of rest dedicated to the LORD, and you will not find any food outside the camp.   You must gather food for sic days, but on the seventh day, the day of rest, there will be none.” On the seventh day some of the people went out to gather food, but they did not find any.  

           Then the LORD said to Moses, “How much longer will our people refused to obey my commands?  Remember that I, the LORD, have given you a day of rest, and that is why on the sixth day I will always give you enough food for two days. Everyone is to stay where he is on the seventh day and not leave his home.” So the people did not work on the seventh day.

            The people of Israel called the food manna.  It was like a small white seed, and taste like thin cakes made with honey.  Moses said, “The LORD has commanded us to save some manna, to be kept for our descendents, so that they can see the food which he gave us to eat in the desert when he brought us out of Egypt.”

            Moses said to Aaron, “Take a jar, put two quarts of manna in into, and place it in the LORD’s presence to be kept for our descendants.”  As the LORD had commanded Moses, Aaron put it in front of the Covenant Box, so that it could be kept.  

           The Israelites ate manna for the next forty years, until they reached the land of Canaan, where they settled.

(The standard measure then in used equaled twenty quarts.”


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