The Miracle Of:

The Healing Of The Poisonous Food



2 King 4:38-41


            Once, when there was a famine throughout the land, Elisha returned to Gilgal  While he was teaching a group of prophets, he told his servant to put a big pot on the fire and make some stew for them.  One of them went out in the fields to get some herbs.  He found a wild vine and picked as many gourds as he could carry.  He brought them back and sliced them up into the stew, not knowing what they were.  The stew was poured out for the mane to eat, but as soon as they tasted it they exclaimed to Elisha, “It’s poisoned!”—and wouldn’t eat it.  Elisha asked for some meal, threw it into the pot, and said, “Pour out some more stew for them.“ And then there was nothing wrong with it.


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