The Miracles of Jesus

As recorded in the Holy Bible books of
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
These four books of the Holy Bible, The Word Of God,
are often referred to as ' The Gospels '






Water Turned To Wine       John 2:1-11
Nobleman's Son Cured       John 4:45-54
Healed Invalid At Bethesda       John 5:1-15
Miraculous draught of fishes     Luke 5:1-11  
Demoniac At Capernaum Cured   Mark 1:21-28    
Healed Peter's Wife's Mother   Mark 1:29-31    
Healed Leper At Capernaum   Mark 1:40-45    
Paralytic Cured   Mark 2:1-12    
Restored Withered hand   Mark 3:1-6    
Healed Centurion's Servant Matt. 8:5-13      
Sight Restored To Two Blind Men Matt. 9:27-31      
Dumb Demonic Healed Matt. 9:32-34      
Raised Son Of Widow Of Nain     Luke 7:11-17  
Blind, Dumb Demonic Healed Matt. 12:22-32      
Calmed Storm On Sea Of Galilee Matt. 8:23-27      
Cured Demoniacs Of Gadara Matt. 8:28-34      
Cured A Woman Of Bloody Flux     Luke 8:43-48  
Restored Life To Jairus's Daughter Matt. 9:18-26      
Fed The 5,000 Matt.14:15-21      
Jesus Walked On Water Matt. 14:22-33      
Healed Woman Of Canaan's Daughter Matt. 15:22-28      
Healed A Man Who Was Deaf And Dumb   Mark 7:31-37    
Fed The 4,000 Matt. 15:32-39      
Gave Sight To The Blind Man   Mark 8:22-26    
Cured Boy Possessed Of Devil Matt. 17:14-21      
Coin in Fish's Mouth Matt.17:24-27      
Restored Sight To A Man Born Blind       John 9: 1-7
Healed Cripple Woman     Luke 13:11-17  
Cured A Man Of Dropsy     Luke 14: 1-6  
Raised Lazarus From The Dead       John 11:43,44
Cleansed 10 Lepers In Samaria     Luke 17:11-19  
Gave Sight To Two Blind Men Matt. 20:30-34      
Healed Ear Of Malchus     Luke 22:50,51  
The Miraculous Draught Of Fishes       John 21:1-14

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