The   "He~we"  Philosophy


"Cooperating With God In Your Salvation"

God's Part

Our Part

  • He - draws us through His love and kindness.  He will draw You!
  • we - respond by learning to know Him through Bible study and prayer.  Do not resist His drawing.
  • He - convicts us of sin, righteousness, and judgment, producing guilt.

  • we - acknowledge our guilt without blaming others.  Admit that we must have His Righteousness or we are lost.
  • He - gives us repentance, producing true heart sorrow for our sin.

  • we - confess with contrite hearts, surrendering all rights to self and sin. Giving Him our heart, door and all!
  • He - forgives and cleanses from all sin and creates a new heart and mind.  Makes you free and at perfect peace.

  • we - believe, accept and experience cleansing and renewal.

Fight the Good Fight Of Faith

  • He - dwells 'in us' (there it is again!)
    through the Holy Spirit, energizing us to do His will.  He will Live in you and empower you.

  • we - act out what He works in, which results in fruit to His glory.  Live by faith and bear much fruit.

Keep Your Mind Focused On Him
Or You Will Fall

  • He - alerts us when tempted, and empowers us to resist the tempter and take the way of escape that He will show you.

  • we - submit to Him and resist the tempter through His power, gaining the victory.  We submit to Him and take His way of escape.
  • He - will be our advocate and plead for us if we should fall.

  • we - repent and turn back to Him so He can restore us to Himself.

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